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Your Ocean Freight Questions Answered

Ocean shipping makes sense when your shipments are large (more than one pallet), or of any size if you are not in a hurry for goods to reach their destination. When it comes to freight rates, all but the smallest shipments will be less expensive to ship via ocean freight (when compared to air-freight costs), so if your budget is constrained, an LCL (less-than-container-load) or FCL (full container load) shipment will be your best bet. What is Klickez Logistics’s experience with ocean freight global shipping? Klickez Logistics is part of Agility, one of the world’s largest logistics companies. We are leveraging new technology to give SMEs access to Agility’s vast and well-established network of transportation assets and partnerships. Ocean freight services are core business for Agility and Klickez Logistics, so you need not be concerned with the insecurities that might typically surround startups in the freight forwarding space.
We’re able to offer convenience to SMEs because our online platform is easy to access and free from complex business-onboarding procedures, we provide self-service quote requests, shipment-bookings, payments, and shipment tracking, and our software makes it easy for businesses to maintain compliance with import, export, shipping, and customs documentation requirements.
Ocean freight rates can be complicated to understand, comprising a range of different charges. For this reason, it’s never easy to calculate precisely how much you will pay for an ocean shipment until you have a quote from your freight forwarder. Carriers, customs services, insurance companies, and port authorities all require fees for handling and managing your goods. These fees are not always broken out clearly in ocean freight quotes, so it can be hard to understand where your money is being spent. At Klickez Logistics, we provide you with quotes that are broken down into individual elements, so you have complete transparency of your shipping costs.
When you can track your shipments in real time and receive notifications at all critical stages, you can be less reactive and plan more effectively. Ultimately, visibility is the key to efficiency and cost savings for your business, especially if you’re the consignee.

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